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Wanted: The Best Administrative Assistant Ever

Hello! We are a small business run by a husband and wife team located in Metro Atlanta. We’re seeking a highly organized (and highly awesome) Administrative Specialist to join our team and help us reach the next level in revenue and client service.

Us, In a Nutshell: We assist property owners looking to sell their house. We offer solutions that include buying their property and giving them a quick cash sale. For those that do not need a quick cash sale we can list their property for sale with one of the best real estate brokerages in Metro Atlanta.

You, In a Nutshell: This position will work mostly from home (remotely), but will also require some time once week in our office. You will be responsible for handling the majority of the administrative tasks for our small team of two people. Your job is to manage the administrative tasks so the business owners can concentrate on running the business. Compensation includes a base salary of $10/hour during the initial 30-day probation period. After the probation period your hourly rate will increase to $12/hour. Hours can be flexible to accommodate most schedule needs, but would start at 10 hours per week and can grow from there.

Are You and This Job a Perfect Match?
Hmmmm… Well very possibly, if this sounds like you…
• You agree – it’s cool to work in a local small biz, and be involved in helping it grow.
• You live in the South Metro Atlanta area – You can come in to the office 1-2 times every week. Must live within 25 minutes of the Peachtree City (Fayette County) area.
• You work awesomely from home – You’re a self-starter, and the idea of a 80% remote work arrangement makes you happy.
• You’re self-reliant – You thrive on diligent work and follow instructions well, but also can self-manage much of your own organizational activity, workload and time.
• You’re an action-taker and a finisher – You’re great at following-up and following-through to the end of a project or task, without needing someone to check in or watch over your shoulder.
• You know how to work with and through others – You understand how to engage the help of a team of others to achieve goals greater than any one individual could achieve.
• You’re an admin ninja – No administrative task is too large or too small for you. Bring it!

• You’re conscientious – You are naturally mindful (even anal) about the details of a thing, and really like things to be “done right.”
• You’re a “checklist person” – You tend to be very precise, structured and systematic in how you think and do things.
• You’re not a Debbie Downer – You’re fun, energetic, positive, a skilled listener, and naturally play well with others.
• You WANT to learn and grow – You enjoy reading, watching cool webinars, listening to great podcasts, and anything else to stretch your mind.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading and read carefully…

What Will You as Our Amazing Administrative Specialist Do?
Our business is primarily about marketing and sales. While you won’t be personally performing these functions, you will support the team. It’s your job to “make the trains run on-time.” You will help build and improve the administrative functions for every aspect of our business.
While you are helping support the team, your job may encompass, managing appointments and calendars, publishing and tracking team daily task reminders, coordinating real estate closings, researching solutions to problems, arranging meetings and events, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and whatever the heck else. And if we know YOU, you’ll be having tons of FUN doing it all!
Simply put, we’re a team. And, since we’re a small company, we write many of the rules as we go. This means having the willingness and flexibility to tackle additional job responsibilities as needed.

Skills Needed
In addition to what’s already been mentioned, you need to:
• Know your way around a computer, the Internet and using software in general
• Be extremely organized, with special attention to detail
• Be able to adapt and learn new things quickly, thoroughly, and in detail
• Know how to Google anything and everything
• Have interpersonal skills, and be comfortable talking to and dealing with people – via phone, email, Skype, carrier pigeon or whatever.
• Have project coordination experience – If given a big administrative project, you need to know how to get it done in a timely fashion.
• Handle multiple tasks one time only and see them through to completion without micromanagement – You’ll often be given a desired result and will be responsible for coming up with creative ways of accomplishing it.
• Lastly, and most importantly, be a positive person: Not pretend “positive”, more like you love life even when you’re thrown a curveball positive.

The Work Arrangement
For most of the time, you will get to enjoy the benefits of a remote work lifestyle. Much of what we do happens through the Internet, email, Skype, smartphones, etc. So you need to be effective working that way.
That said, you will also need to come to the physical office at least once per week for team meetings You may also be asked to run administrative errands such as picking up the mail from the office mailbox and purchasing office supplies.
As mentioned, hours can be flexible but would start at 10 hours per week and can grow from there. When you first start, you’ll need to be available 2 hours per day. The initial shift will be between 9am and 11am Eastern.

Are You In?
Then Pay Attention: If you think this is job is peanut butter and you are jelly, then please email your resume to deals AT acbuyshouses DOT com.

Please also include the subject line “Rock Star Ready To Work :-)” in subject line of the email. (Yes that is a smiley face in the quotes).

We look forward to working with you!