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We first met A.C. Cooley on July 5th the day after the holiday. We met up and he made us an offer and I was more than ready to get rid of this house. He let me know that we could close in a couple of weeks. We closed on the 21st. We kept in contact by text and e-mail. It was easy breezy.  We got out of here real quick. Thank you A.C.! Glad to be rid of it.

He was organized and ready that day (we met) to make an offer that day and sign papers that day and that impressed me. The less trouble that I had to go through to get rid of the house the happier I was.

– Ms. M. Gadson

– Mr. A. Searcy



I commend you for your professionalism and your kindness during one of the toughest times in my life; having lost a very dear loved one, my husband, one after 45 years, and having the burden to sale my parents home with a down economy.

My initial contact with you was a positive one and I appreciate the time that you took to assist me.  I was never at ease with others who were interested in the property because each time, the bottom line was deceit. You were honest and freely shared many facts with me.   Though I probably had more questions regarding this matter than most, you did not mind at all addressing my concerns.

I am so grateful to have been blessed to have a representative as yourself to work with.  I could hardly believe it when you said that you plan to buy and close within 30 days, …it really did happen, of course, that was a major plus.   It is my pleasure to share with others, Mr. Cooley, your outstanding knowledge, availability and again professionalism.  Good Luck and Be Blessed.

-Mrs. B. Howard

I want to extend my positive comments related to a recent house sale that was handled by Mr. Cooley’s company.

I received a letter of advertisement for the interest of buying a home that I own. I have received several letters from other companies before proposing the same. The one thing that pulled my interest to Mr. Cooley was the fact that after speaking with his answering service, he promptly called me back and that did not happen with the other so called “interested” companies. Mr.Cooley was able to answer my questions and he gained trust into the business of which he stated his expertise.

Mr. Cooley worked around my schedule, met with me and my husband, negotiated fairly on pricing. The closing took slightly less than a month which was promised and everything was handled accordingly at the closing.

I want to thank him for his professional approach in his field of work, after talking with him I knew I made the right decision. I watch too much HGTV and thought I could flip a house but reality set in that Mr.Cooley could solve all those issues instead.

-Mrs. S. Reese


 I needed money to help pay for my grand-daughter’s college tuition. She is a great student. She has made the Dean’s List. I needed to make sure she stayed in school.  When I met Mr. Cooley he was ready to do business. He made me a cash offer and we signed an agreement on the spot. We closed within two weeks as he promised.

-Mr. J. Chambers